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Chamakkatt Herbal Products offers its hand to you in order to bring healing into your life. As a third-party manufacturer of ayurvedic goods, we consider it our duty to provide indigenously processed Herbal goods. Arishtasavangal, Kashayam (Kwatha), Pills, Choorna, Lehiya, Gruthayoga, Thaila, Vataka, Asthma herbal medication, Kashaya choorna, herbal medicine for asthma, and a wide selection of Patented items are among our many products. With rising interest in traditional methods of therapy, the value of our Ayurvedic products has grown exponentially. We respond to this trend with our research-oriented team force, which allows us to come up with varied solutions.

Furthermore, we firmly plant our roots among clients in the most inventive way possible. So, when it comes to the most reliable herbal medication producers on the market, Chamakkatt is the brand to trust. We are also one of India’s leading suppliers of Ayurvedic medicines.

Company Profile

Chamakkatt Herbal Products, based in Thrissur, is a renowned manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of ayurvedic medications and natural herbal medicines for asthma. Chamakkatt has evolved into a full-fledged enterprise dedicated to providing effective and highly qualified ayurvedic and natural herbal medications.

Mr. CL Chackochan was the company’s founder and CEO when it was founded in 2002. The 23 years of experience in the Quality Assurance Department of a Multi-National Company in Saudi Arabia, of our CEO in the field of Ayurveda enables the company to grow in the correct direction, of our CEO in the field of Ayurveda helps the company to expand in the right direction.

Chamakkatt Herbal Products is located on 1.5 acres of land covering 5000 square feet in Kuruvilassery village, Thrissur district, Kerala, India. It is around 20 kilometres from Cochin International Airport and 45 kilometres from the projected Vallarpadam container terminal project. Chamakkatt Herbal Products has great natural herbal medication and Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing units.

Sherly Chakochan owns the ayurvedic products manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility features an efficient staff of traditional vaidyas, doctors, and other technically skilled individuals, which aids in the smooth and effective production process. The organisation holds certifications such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO 9001 – 2000, and Kerala Consumer Protection.

Chamakkatt Herbal Products manufactures traditional Ayurvedic and herbal medicines such as Arishtas, Asavas, Asthma Herbal Medicine, Kashayas, Choornas, Herbal Medicated oils, Ayurvedic Medicated oils, Lehyas, Rasayanas and Gruthas, Asthma Herbal Medicine, and so on. The raw materials, such as herbal plants and roots, are primarily obtained from farmers in Kerala, and we intend to develop the necessary plants within two years.

Our Vision

Chamakkatt Herbal products produces the traditional Ayurveda and herbal medicines such as Arishtas, Asavas, Asthma Herbal Medicine, Kashayas, Choornas, Herbal Medicated oils, Ayurveda Medicated oils, Lehyas, Rasayanas and Gruthas, Herbal medicine for asthma and so on. The raw materials such as herbal plants and roots are mainly purchased from the farmers of Kerala and we have a plan to cultivate the required plants within a span of two years.

The vision of the company is to make available genuine and natural herbal medicines at competitive price to the mankind, in compliance with international quality standards. The following are some of the salient features of the company that distinguish us from our competitors.

Research methodologies

We have invested a significant amount of money on research into herbal plants and Ayurvedic remedies. Our research section also assures that the items manufactured are pure, of high quality, and safe. To develop healthy Ayurvedic medicines and herbal items, we adhere to strict quality requirements.

Expert Team

Chamakkatt Herbal Products’ major value is its highly qualified professionals. Our employees’ extensive expertise and understanding of exotic plants and herbs enable us to deliver the best formula for various herbal and ayurvedic therapies.

Quality Assurance

Chamakkatt takes pleasure in the quality of medications we offer as we are third-party manufacturer of ayurvedic goods. We use the best raw ingredients to make Asthma herbal medicine and ayurvedic remedies for Asthma in order to manufacture high-quality products. All of our herbal medicines are made from natural ingredients. To ensure the quality of our herbal and Ayurvedic medications, we have an advanced laboratory. Because our goods satisfy international standards, we are regarded as one of the top third-party manufacturers of ayurvedic goods.


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