Kashayam churna are processed in powder form based on the Ayurveda formulary of India. In theprocess of Kashaya churna, all the herbs are cleaned well and dried before pulverising it to powderform. This herbal powder is well tolerated with people who are suffering with upset stomach since itis available in its natural form without even adding any sort of preservative. There are so many doctors prescribing Kashaya churna to their patients for the natural treatment. It is one among the most efficient herbal therapeutic dosage known to human being

The most commonly used kashayachurna are

Amruthotharam Kashayamchurna is an ayurvedic medicinal preparation made as per the Ayurveda

formulary of India. It is in the form of powder and contains ingredients with carminative properties

that are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for digestion. It is also used for the treatment of fever,

rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, constipation, edema, viral infections. This Kashayam is

effective in the cases of indigestion since it contains powerful ingredients which helps to improve

the metabolic process. A healthy metabolism helps to reduce infectious diseases and improves

immunity power as well.

Dhanwantharam Kashayachurna is very famous Ayurvedic medicine, mainly used for Ayurveda post-

natal care and helps to improve health, provides relief from pain. It also helps to control diseases

related with nervous system. Vatha dosha related issues like swelling and numbness can be

controlled by the usage of Dhanwantharam Kashaya ( kwath)churna. This Kashayachurna is useful

for the treatment of arthritis, fever and indigestion.

Dasamoolakaduthrayam Kashayachurna is mainly used for the treatment of inflammatory

conditions. It helps to cure cough, bronchitis and muscular spasms, asthma and good for respiratory

infections especially in children. Dasamoolakaduthrayam Kashayachurna is also good for the

treatment of fever due to vatha-kapha doshas and helps proper functioning which improves

digestion as well.

Elakanadi Kashayachurna is a herbal powder form of herbs based on the Ayurveda formulary of

India preparation. It is used for chronic respiratory conditions like bronchitis and chronic asthma. It is

also used to controls pain in the flanks, chest congestion. It is carminative and digestive stimulant as


Gandharvahasthadi Kashayachurna is an Ayurvedic medicines used in treating digestion related

diseases such as anorexia and bloating. It is useful for the treating diseases caused due to imbalance

of vatha dosha. Ghandharvahasthadi Kashayachurna is very good purgative and can be used for the

treatment of constipation.  castor is its main ingredient along with other herbs.

There are other most commonly used kashayachurnas like Ardhvillwam Kashayachurna, Aragwadadi

Kashayachurna Ashtavargam Kashayachurna, Balaguluchyadi Kashayachurna, Bruhathyadi

Kashayachurna, Cheriya rasnadi Kashayachurna, Chiruvillwadi Kashayachurna, Dhanadhanayanadi

kashayachurna, Drakshadi Kashayachurna, Gulguluthikthakam Kashayachurna, Guluchyadi

Kashayachurna, indhukantham Kashaychurnaa, Mahamanjishtadi Kashayachurna, Mahathikthakam

Kashayachurna, Muslikhadiradi Kashayachurna, Nisakhadakadi Kashayachurna, Padolakadurohinyadi

Kashayachurna,Padolamooladi Kashayachurna, Prasaranyadi Kashayachurna, Punannavadi

Kashayachurna, Rasnasapthkam Kashayachurna, Sapthsaram Kashayachurna, Sahacharadi


Kashayachurna, Sukumaram Kashayachurna, Thikthakam Kashayachurna, Valiyarasnadi

Kashayachurna, Varanadi Kashayachurna, Veeratharadi Kashayachurna, Vidaryadi Kashayachurna

are there in our production line up.

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