Herbal Hair oil Manufacturer and Exporter in Kerala

Herbal Hair oil Manufacturer and Exporter in Kerala

Herbal and Ayurvedic hair oils by Chamakkatt is manufactured carefully with exotic herbs that contain several vitamins and micro-nutrients, that will indeed promote better hair growth and help to nourish and hydrate your hair. Herbal hair care oils are a natural source of fatty acids that can nourish and moisturize the scalp as well.

We recommend you to apply oil with a light massage as it helps to stimulate blood circulation on your scalp which will result in better hair growth and also helps in maintaining a healthy and moisturised hair.

Herbal Hair oil Manufacturer in Kerala
Herbal Hair oil Manufacturer and Exporter in Kerala
Benefits of Herbal Hair Oil
  • Ayurvedic and herbal hair oils nourishes your hair with natural goodness. The vitamins and micronutrients in herbal hair oils function as sustenance for you to maintain healthy and nourished hair.
  • Herbal hair oil controls fizziness and prevents hair loss. It acts as a natural lubricant in order to pamper the hair tips along with providing the nutrients they need.
  • Natural hair oils revitalise the tissues of the hair. Despite the fact that they include a lot of healthy components, shampoo and conditioner cannot feed your scalp as profoundly as the herbal hair oil can.
  • A thorough massage with this natural hair oil improves the scalp’s blood flow and fortifies your hair.
  • Natural hair oils make your hair look shiny and glossy because they include some rare fatty acids. Premature greying of hair is also resolved with regular usage of natural oils.
Herbal Hair Oil – Manufactured and Exported by Chamakkatt.

One of India’s leading enterprises, Chamakkatt Herbal Products manufactures, distributes, and exports herbal hair oils and various other products in India and also around the world. Chamakkatt participates and excels in, trading and distributing a large range of ayurvedic and herbal medication and products to almost every country in the world in addition to producing and exporting them.

Herbal Hair Oil – Manufactured and Exported by Chamakkatt.

Some of the main herbal hair oils Chamakkatt manufacture and export are

  • Dhathurathi Hair Care Oil
    • Helps in resolving issues like Dandruff, Alopecia, Scabies over scalp Promotes growth of hair
  • Neelibrungadi Hair Care Oil
    • Promotes growth of hair by strengthening the hair roots. Prevents premature greying and Alopecia. This hair oil is also recommended for persistent headaches.
  • Brungamalakkadi Hair Care Oil
    • Resolves Sensory hearing loss, Chronic perennial rhinitis hair issues and even alleviates dental issues.
  • Abba Herbal Hair care Oil
    • Helps in promoting lush growth of thick, strong, shining, black hair. Prevents premature greying and hair fall.
    • we are committed to providing our customers and clients with products and medication that are 100% natural and ayurvedic, our company has a remarkable reputation and utmost credibility in the industry of manufacturing herbal medications and products.


Yes. We ship all our herbal products and medication to other countries worldwide.

The price of hair oils depends on which product and the quantity of the product you prefer to buy.

Yes. All of Chamakkatt herbal products and medication are ISO certified and GMP certified

We offer a wide range of products such as Arishta-asavas, Kashayas (Kwatha), Chamakkatt body Massage Oils, Choornas, Gruthayogas, Kashaya Choornas, Lehyam, Ayurvedic Bathing Soap, chamakkatt herbal santhi asthma medication and so on.