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Ayurveda Medicated oil

Herbal Ayurveda Medicated oil

Thaila are the medicated oils that are used for ayurvedic treatments like skin and hair care, post and antenatal care etc. These are made with the goodness of all-natural herbal mixes. Thailam is best to provide care and relief to any sort of pain. They work as the earliest and the most long-term treatment for all concerns.

Chamakkatt Nalpamaradi Thailam is enriched with Anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobial

properties. It is one of the most effective thailam in Ayurveda used to improve skin texture in

general and gives a radiant, glowing skin. It also help in skin infections, scabies, eczema etc. This oil

predominantly alleviates pitha dosha and even reduce sun burn.

Chamakkatt Karpooradi Thailam helps to pacify the Vata and reduces joint and muscle cramps. It is

good for releasing muscle tension and cures inflammation. The elderly can massage with this oil to

relieve any numbness in their joints. In case of respiratory concerns, Karpooradi Thailam can be used

for gentle chest massage followed by mild sudation (relieves chest congestion).

Chamakkatt Dhanwantharam Thailam is helpful in the treatment of rheumatic disorders and

neuromuscular conditions. It pacifies Vata dosha, which helps to protect the nervous system. Not

only that, but it's one of the best effective oils for muscle pain, body pain and inflammation.

Dhanwantharam Thailam is known to treat neurological disorders and post-traumatic stresses. Pain,

cramps and numbness in muscles caused by Vata disorders are relieved using this oil. It provides

nourishment to distressed muscles and enhances blood circulation. It is also widely used in antenatal

and post-natal care

Chamakkatt Mahanarayana Thailam helps to restore Vata imbalance and strengthens muscles,

joints and nervous system. It enables joint flexibility and reduces inflammation and pain. It is also

considered as one of the best oil in Neuromuscular disorders in Ayurveda. The main ingredient of

this thailam is Sesame oil, which is famous for strengthening tissues.


Chamakkatt Ksheerabala Thailam is anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory and has analgesic property.

It is widely used to treat neuromuscular disorders, arthritis and spondylosis .It is also suitable for

muscle stiffness, joint pain, facial palsy and degenerative disorders like osteoporosis, peripheral

neuropathy and muscular atrophy .This thailam is manufactured with the goodness of milk, Bala,

and sesame oil.


Chamakkatt Sahacharadi Thailam is an excellent muscle relaxant that helps in the pain in ligaments,

muscles, and joints caused due to the Vata imbalance. It is great in reducing swelling of muscles and

pain in the lower back area. It is known to help in reviving the strength of joints and muscles. This oil

can be used for Kati Basti (a type of lower-back therapy) and is highly effective in musculoskeletal

disorders. Sahacharadi oil will also help in treating neurological disorders like psychosis, epilepsy,

and tremors. With regular use, stiffness of joints and muscles can be relieved with this oil.

Chamakkatt Kottamchukkadi thailam pacifies Vata disorders and is well known for its pain relieving

action .It helps in subsiding joint inflammation ,joint stiffness and numbness. It is beneficial in

Sciatica, Spondylosis, Arthritis, Myalgia and Tennis elbow. Kottamchukkadi Thailam helps to reduce


numbness and stiffness in Vata predominant conditions. Beneficial in neck sprain, ankle sprain and

also helps relieve muscle pain.

Chamakkatt Neelibringadi Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic oil that is well-known for its hair-care efficacy.

This oil is used in a variety of ways to keep hair healthy. It contains herbs blended with natural

coconut oil which may help you to get rid of hair fall related concerns. The oil to a great extent helps

in hair growth and may reduce premature greying. It strengthens the hair roots, helps to pacify

dandruff and also provides a cooling sensation which aids good sleep.


There are other excellent products that are included in our medicated oil preparation list,

Amruthyadi thaila, Aranaladi taila, Arimedadi taila, Asanavilwadi taila, Chinchadi taila, Chandanadi

taila, Dhathuradi taila, Dinesavillyadi taila, Eladi taila, Eladi kera, Guluchyadi taila,

Gandharvahasthadi taila, Jathyadi taila, Kachooradi taila, Karpooradi taila, Karpasasthyadi

kuzhambu, Lakshadi taila, Mahamasha taila, Mahanarayana taila, Malathyadi, Manjishtadi taila,

Narayana taila, Nonganadi taila, Parinathkeraksheeradi, Pinda taila, Prabhanjanavimardhnam,

Sahacharadi kuzhambu, Blaswagandadi taila, Brungamalakadi taila, Shudha bala taila, Murivenna,

Gopathmanjathi taila, Shudhadurvadi taila, Vathasani taila, Anu taila, Kumkumadi taila, Bala taila.

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