Ayurveda recognizes four types of fats; ghrita (ghee), oil (sesame), vasa (muscle), and majjā

(marrow). Ghritha alleviates pitta and vata , provides relief from burning sensation, softens the

tissues, improves voice and complexion No other sneha brings the unique properties of ghrita. It has

a unique ability to adapt the properties of the herbs it's processed with, without losing its own

properties. Snehapana is the internal drinking of Ghritam in preparation for pañchakarma.

Chamakkatt Ajamamsa ghritha is a non-vegetarian ayurveda product mainly used in the treatment

of vata disorders like loss of strength, hemiplegia etc .It is useful to promote strength of bones and

joints ,acts as excellent anti-inflammatory ,analgesic and thus can be used in conditions like cough,

cold and other respiratory disorders

Chamakkatt Thikthaka ghritha is a medicated ghee formulation beneficial in the management of

skin diseases.It helps in removing the impurities from the blood which is essential in skin disorders,

relieves flatulence, epigastric distress, etc.

It is anti-inflammatory, and is beneficial in inflammatory conditions associated with skin, eyes etc. An

effective psychotropic, and relieves the symptoms associated with psychotic states, intoxication and

good for Epilepsy. Thikthaka ghritham is particularly useful in Pitta dosha predominant conditions

and helps to relieve symptoms such as burning sensation and inflammations.

Chamakkatt Indukantham ghritha is an Ayurvedic formulation that helps to correct metabolism and

is found to be helpful in regaining lost immunity. This immunity-boosting ayurvedic medicine thus

helps in healing individuals from chronic fevers and many other health conditions. 

This is a medicated ghee containing Dashmula and many other medicinal herbs and indicated in the

treatment of weakness, vata roga, tuberculosis, and peptic ulcer. It is a useful medicine for

improving appetite, digestion and curing abdominal diseases. It is prescribed to be an excellent

remedy for treating cough in old age. Since it is a ghee based medicine, it increases strength and

immunity of the body.

Chamakkatt Phalasarpis gritha is an Ayurvedic herbal ghee acting mainly on reproductive system.

The main ingredients are sathavari, Aswaghandha and are widely used for male and female

infertility, uterine disorders and also as a tonic in the first trimester of pregnancy. It balances all

three of the Doshas ( vata, pitha, kapha), especially Pitta Dosha. It helps the body to maintain

healthy hormone levels to support reproductive health and emotional wellbeing.


There are other excellent products that are included in our Gritha preparation list, Amruthaprasam

gritha, Ashoka gritha, Brahmi gritha, Dhathryadi gritha. Guluguluthikthakam gritha, Jeevanthyadi

gritha, Kalyana gritha, Mahathpanchagavya gritha, Mahakalyanakam gritha, Mahathikthakam gritha,

Panjagavyam gritha, Patoladi gritha, Sathavari gritha, Shatphala gritha, Sarvamayanthaka gritha,

Saraswatha gritha, Sukumara gritha, Thriphaladi gritha, Varanadi gritha, Vidaryadi gritha

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